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Before an appointment can be booked,  all potential clients must please read to confirm they are within the guidelines of  the Eyeliner Micropigmentation Contraindications list.  Also, it is recommended that all additional Permanent Eyeliner information provided on this website be read to ensure potential clients are well informed about the service.  Once this is done, the client may move forward with the scheduling process                  

Why Consider Permanent Eyeliner?

The eyes are hands down the most important feature of the face. They are what we focus on first when looking at someone. Eyes are called “windows to the soul” because they reflect our inner spirit and disposition. Every set of eyes is beautiful in its own unique way. For thousands of years people have been using cosmetics, in one form or another, to enhance their eyes by darkening the lash lines.  Even a small amount of eyeliner makes a noticeable difference in how large and defined the eyes appear, which is why so many of us choose to wear it.

As much as we love how eyeliner enhances the beauty of our eyes, applying it can be a difficult, time consuming chore. Some common reasons why clients seek the permanent eyeliner service are:  

  • they like that it is waterproof and smudge-proof

  • they want to feel more beautiful when they aren't wearing makeup

  • they feel their makeup artistry skills are lacking

  • poor vision or unsteady hands make applying eyeliner difficult

  • sensitivity to cosmetics prevents them from being able to wear eyeliner comfortably


What is Permanent Eyeliner?

Permanent Eyeliner is a cosmetic tattoo of the lash lines which mimics the look of makeup/ topical cosmetic eyeliner


How is the Service Done?

Emily uses a cosmetic tattoo pen/ machine and cosmetic needle cartridges to carefully implant the cosmetic pigment into the skin of the lash lines. The cosmetic tattoo pen is quiet and gentle; created specifically for use on the face and delicate eye area


One Style Does Not Fit All

Many clients have a personal preference when it comes to the look of their eyeliner. Options range from nearly undetectable to very dramatic.  There are some guidelines that are followed when it comes to permanent eyeliner design:

How far the outer end of the permanent eyeliner (wing) can extend from the lash line is dictated by where the eyelid creases fall on a client's eye. The outer end of the permanent eyeliner must not extend past the crease of the eyelid. The majority of clients do not have suitable eyelids for (dramatically extended) permanent "winged" liner.

Permanent eyeliner is applied to the lash lines and the surrounding skin only, never to the inner rim or “waterline” of the eye.

Aside from these two firm rules, the color, style, and thickness of the permanent eyeliner is decided by the client.  If the client has a specific shape or style in mind, they should feel free to send reference photos of the desired look via text message prior to appointment.  If the client is unsure of exactly what they want, Emily is happy to advise and discuss options with them at their appointment.  The eyeliner template is drawn on first so the client can clearly see and approve the design before the actual procedure begins.  Many color choices  are available to suit the client's taste

How Long Does the Service Take?

The initial appointment can take up to 3 hours for upper and lower eyeliner. Less time is needed for only upper, or only lower eyeliner. 

The desired style and thickness of the liner and the client's skin type and skin condition play a huge roll in how long an appointment takes.

A complementary* touchup or "Perfecting Visit"  at 8 weeks post initial service is included for all first time permanent makeup / micropigmentation clients. The appointment time for the touchup is significantly shorter than the initial service. Read the  complementary touchup policy  here


Is the Service Painful?

Topical lidocaine made specifically for use on the eye is applied before and during the service in order to keep the client comfortable. Some tips:

Women are significantly more sensitive to pain near the time of their period.  This should absolutely be considered when scheduling  a service date. 

If a client does not experience numbness when anesthetics are administered during other procedures such as dental work, then the client also will not experience numbness from the lidocaine used during the permanent eyeliner service. Clients who are resistant to numbing agents should not book the permanent eyeliner service.  Numbing the area is a completely necessary part of the permanent eyeliner service

What Should I Expect Immediately After Service?

Mild to significant swelling/ puffiness of the eyelids is completely normal and usually subsides within 24 hours.  Soreness equivalent to a mild sunburn is to be expected. Soreness typically starts to subside shortly after service ends, but can sometimes persist longer.  Immediately after service, clients commonly  look as if they "have been crying".  Most clients do not have any issue driving themselves home after service.  If needed, Client should be sure to bring glasses for driving home as contact lenses must be kept out of the eyes for a minimum of 24 hours after service


How Long Will the Result Last?

 Clients should expect to have their eyeliner touched up over the years to keep it looking its best.  How long an individual retains pigment varies greatly from person to person (average 1 - 5+ years) depending on many factors not limited to individual skin type, speed of cellular turnover, unknown or undisclosed health disorders, unprotected sun exposure, some medications, and proper aftercare.  Proper aftercare is a very important factor in achieving the best looking, longest lasting result.  Detailed instructions and supplies for proper aftercare are provided to the client upon completion of service

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