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Before an appointment can be booked, all potential clients must please read to confirm they are within the guidelines of the Microblading/ MicroShading Contraindications list.  Also, it is recommended that all additional Microblading/ MicroShading  information provided on this website be read to ensure potential clients are well informed about the service.  Once this is done, the client may move forward with the scheduling process

Why Consider Microblading / MicroShading?

Most of us are not satisfied with our natural brows.  Whether it is due to asymmetry, sparseness, or poor shape, we feel we do not look our best without the help of our brow pencils and powders.  Trying to draw on beautiful eyebrows every morning can be a difficult, time consuming chore.  Microblading/ MicroShading gives us the flattering brows we desire without having to create them ourselves with makeup.  Better than makeup, microbladed/ microshaded brows are smudge- proof and waterproof and look great any time of the day or night! Another favorite benefit of microblading/ microshading is that it helps stop us from tweezing improperly.  Over- tweezing is a problem for many people and is the most common cause of bad brows!  After microblading/ microshading is done, only the hairs that grow outside of the pigment will need to be tweezed.  By the time pigment fades, some clients discover they have grown back their own lovely brows! 

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo of the eyebrows.  A tiny blade (technically a configuration of microneedles which looks like a blade) dipped in cosmetic pigment is used to implant the pigment into the skin throughout the eyebrow in hair- like patterns. These tattooed "hair-strokes" fill in the sparse areas of the brows giving the illusion of fullness and better symmetry, as well as creating a more defined, flattering shape.

Unlike traditional tattoo methods which implant ink deep into the dermis layer of the skin, the microblading method deposits pigment much more superficially into the uppermost layer of the dermis.  Since the cosmetic pigment sits in the uppermost layers of the skin, color will gradually fade as it exits the skin over the following months or years through the natural shedding of skin cells. Also, cosmetic pigments are specifically created to soften and eventually break down more than the traditional tattoo inks do. This is a positive thing since brow trends AND our faces will certainly change over time.  This "fade factor" allows us to be able to make changes and adjustments to the appearance of our brows later.  Clients should expect to have their brows touched up over the years which ensures a current and flattering brow design and fresh color. 

 The microblading method does not work well on clients with very oily, mature, or sun-damaged skin.  MicroShading is the proper technique for these skin types.  Microblading is only suited for clients with smooth, normal- dry healthy skin, small pores, and a fair amount of natural eyebrow hairs present.  The microblading technique is intended to subtly enhance the existing natural eyebrows by creating additional "hairs" to add fullness, definition, and improve shape.  Microblading is not intended to, nor is it a strong enough application to "create" eyebrows that are not already at least 60% there.  MicroShading is the proper technique for creating brows when natural brow hair is severely lacking


What is MicroShading?

While microblading creates the very soft look of individual hairs, microshading, also referred to as the Powderbrow or Ombre Brow technique, is done for clients who are lacking natural brow hair, or desire  a more filled- in look.  Also a cosmetic tattoo of the eyebrows, MicroShading mimics the powdery/ shadowy look of makeup, giving the brows  a more dense and defined appearance than microblading alone does, but the look is still a softer, much more natural looking result than the tattooed eyebrows of the past. MicroShading creates the look of makeup, not the harsh, clownish look of a tattoo!  MicroShading will fade  over time, but usually last longer than microblading does.  Emily uses a cosmetic tattoo pen/ machine for microshading

While microblading cannot be done successfully on very oily, mature, or sun-damaged skin, microshading produces great results on basically all skin types 

Combination of Techniques/ Combination Brow

When a mix of both the microblading and microshading techniques is done, the result is called a "Combination Brow". The combination brow has become a very popular choice among clients because it gives the soft look of hair-strokes at the front of the brow, while giving the density and definition of shading through the arches and tails. There is no additional charge for the combination brow technique. The best option to meet your goals will be discussed at your appointment

One Style Does Not Fit All

Most clients have a personal preference when it comes to the way they like their brows to look.  Before the actual procedure begins, the client's goals and expectations are discussed, and the best technique is decided upon.  Then, the design of the brows is mapped out and drawn on with pencil so the client can clearly see and approve shape and  position.  Pigment/ color is chosen to best suit the client's skin tone and existing brow hair if applicable


How Long Does the Service Take?

The initial appointment takes about 3 hours.

A complementary* touchup or "Perfecting Visit"  at 8 weeks post initial service is included for all first time permanent makeup / micropigmentation clients. The length of the touchup appointment time is significantly shorter than the initial service time. Read  the complementary touchup policy here 


Is the Service Painful?

Topical lidocaine is applied during the service in order to keep the client comfortable. People have varying degrees of sensitivity, but many clients fall asleep during service. Some tips: women are significantly more sensitive to pain near the time of their period.  This should be considered when scheduling  a service date. 

Clients are welcome to bring wireless or earbud headphones along to the appointment to provide entertainment/ distraction during the actual procedure. Headphones must be the type that sit inside the ear.  Headphones that fit over the head and outside the ear get in the way of service and cannot be worn  


How Long Will the Result Last?

As previously mentioned, the cosmetic pigments are deposited very superficially in the skin, and are specifically created to fade over time.  Brows will need to be touched up over the years to maintain the best looking result. How long an individual retains pigment varies greatly (from 6 - 24 + months) depending on many factors not limited to individual skin type, speed of cellular turnover, and proper after care.  Proper aftercare is very important for achieving the best looking, longest lasting result. Detailed instructions and supplies for proper aftercare are provided to the client upon completion of service

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