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•Sweat removes pigment and must be avoided during the first week of the healing process, most importantly the first 48 hours after service. A client who books a microblading/ microshading appointment should please expect this and adjust their workout schedule accordingly.  This is very important!


•The appearance of the eyebrows will be VERY different in the beginning than it will be when the skin has healed!  The intensity of the pigment will fluctuate dramatically throughout the 10-14 day healing process.  Pigment may appear very dark, or on some skin tones, even too light in the beginning.  Frequently the color can also be very red/ warm toned at first.  After a few days have passed, the skin will go through a short, painless shedding phase. Around this time it is perfectly normal for the pigment to be very spotty or seem to disappear altogether. Even, neutral color will eventually blossom to the skin's surface. Because the healing process can be such an extreme mix of good and difficult days, the best advice is for clients to stay out of the mirror during this time and trust the process   


• Brows are sisters, not twins; Permanent Makeup is an art, not a science;  Asymmetry of the 2 sides of the facial bone structure is normal and prevents brows from being identical 


•Pre-existing scars in brows may not retain pigment


•A Perfecting Visit (touchup) at 8 weeks post initial service is included and is part of all permanent makeup services.  At this  appointment, the healed result is assessed and the client’s personal experience is discussed. Any  adjustments needed will be made at this time.  NOTE this complementary 8 week touchup service is forfeited if the client chooses to cancel or reschedule it without giving at least 48 hours notice. A $75 rebooking fee will be required if client wishes to reschedule their touchup appointment


•Complications from microblading/ microshading are extremely rare. The blades and needles Emily uses are sealed, sterile, and single use. All supplies used during a service are properly disposed of upon completion of that service.  Any post- procedure issue would stem from poor attention to after care

•Allergic reactions are uncommon. In fact, microblading / permanent makeup is a great solution for people who are sensitive to cosmetics! The pigments Emily uses are hypoallergenic and highly reputable 

•An optional allergy test (referred to as a "patch test") is available for clients who wish to check for possible allergic reactions to the products used for this service.  If a client wishes to have a patch test done, it is solely their responsibility to schedule it.  A patch test must be completed no less than one week before the microblading/ microshading appointment takes place. If the client chooses not to have a patch test, they will sign a patch test waiver form on the day of their microblading appointment. NOTE: allergic reactions can develop at ANY TIME, and a negative patch test does not guarantee a person will not have a reaction later


•Any chemical that is regularly applied to the forehead/ brows (such as Retin A, etc.) can potentially fade/ change the appearance of the pigment even after the skin is fully healed


•Pigment should be given at least 30 days to settle in the skin before being exposed to extensive sun and/ or swimming. With this in mind, Client should please make sure there is adequate healing time after service when planning vacation dates or certain activities. After 30 days, Client should continue to keep their brows protected from the sun by wearing a hat and SPF 30 or higher whenever possible. Repeated, unprotected sun exposure will negatively affect pigment retention over time

•UV Rays/ the use of a tanning bed without protecting the eyebrows will result in the pigment turning gray/ dark.  This is irreversible 

•Though the client’s complete satisfaction is our goal, there can be no guarantees with this type of service. Variables not limited to skin type, unknown or undisclosed disorders, medications, and poor attention to aftercare can all affect results


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