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Before an appointment can be booked, all potential clients must please read to confirm they are within the guidelines of the Lip Micropigmentation Contraindications list.  Also, it is recommended that all additional Lip Micropigmentation information provided on this website be read to ensure potential clients are well informed about the service.  Once this is done, the client may move forward with the scheduling process

Why Consider Lip Micropigmentation?
Lip Micropigmentation/ Blushing/ Tinting gives a lovely splash of color to pale lips and can even create the illusion of fullness. This service is also popular for correcting asymmetry of, or simply defining, the vermillion border (lip line).  Who wouldn't love for their lips to have a little boost of luscious color and perfected definition without the hassle of makeup? 
What is Lip Micropigmentation?
Lip Micropigmentation is a cosmetic tattoo which enhances the color of the lips or, if preferred, just the vermillion border (lip line).  Results range in intensity from the very soft, natural, "watercolor" look (referred to as Lip Blushing/ Tinting), to a much more saturated, vibrant, "lipstick" look depending on the individual client's preference

How is the Service Done?
A cosmetic tattoo pen/ machine is used to gently and superficially implant cosmetic pigment into the skin of the lips.  As previously stated, besides the obvious benefit of livening up the color of the lips, this service is wonderful for correcting asymmetry of the vermillion border and for creating the illusion of fullness.  However, this is done with subtlety.  For the most flattering, natural- looking result, pigment is never implanted far beyond the natural contour of the lips.  The lip micropigmentation service includes one complementary "Perfecting Visit"/ touchup session at 8 weeks post initial service.  Clients who cancel/reschedule their complimentary session with less than 48 hours notice will incur a $75 fee if they wish to rebook it.  Read the complementary touchup policy here

One Style Does Not Fit All
Before micropigmentation begins, the client's goals and expectations are discussed. It is important for the client to understand the differences in the terminology.  A lip "Blush" micropigmentation service means the color will be natural and transparent, giving the lips a subtle wash of color.  If a more opaque lip color is desired, it is called a "Lipstick" micropigmentation service.  Client also has the option of either a visible, defined lip line/ border or a soft, indiscernible one. After the different style options are discussed, the design/ outline is drawn on with pencil so the client can clearly see and approve shape. Client is shown pigment swatches and chooses/ approves color.  Pricing is the same for all lip micropigmentation techniques

How Long Does the Service Take?
The initial appointment typically takes about 2.5 hours for full lip micropigmentation, and about 1 hour for lip liner only.
A complementary* "Perfecting Visit"/ touchup session at 8 weeks post initial service is included for all first-time permanent makeup / micropigmentation clients. 
the complementary "Perfecting Visit"/ touchup policy here

Is the Service Painful?
Topical lidocaine is applied before and during the service in order to keep the client comfortable. Tip: women are significantly more sensitive to pain near the time of their period.  This should absolutely be considered this when scheduling a service date

What Should I Expect Immediately After Service?
Mild to significant swelling/ puffiness of the lips is completely normal and usually subsides within 24 hours.  Soreness equivalent to a mild sunburn is to be expected. Soreness typically starts to subside shortly after service ends, but can sometimes persist longer.  Immediately after service, clients commonly  look as if they "have had lip filler".   Depending on the application the client choses (Blush/ Tint/ Lipstick), the color of the pigment is sometimes significantly more intense immediately after service than it will be when the skin heals.  Throughout the 10- 14 day healing process it is normal for the color to go from too bright, to too light, to just right! 

How Long Will the Result Last?
Clients should expect to have their pigment touched up over the years to keep it looking its best. How long an individual retains pigment varies greatly from person to person (up to 3+ years)  depending on many factors not limited to individual skin type, speed of cellular turnover, unknown or undisclosed health disorders, unprotected sun exposure, some medications, and proper aftercare.  Proper aftercare is a very important factor in achieving the best looking, longest lasting result.  Detailed instructions and supplies for proper aftercare are provided to the client upon completion of service 


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