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Before an appointment can be booked, all potential clients must please read to confirm they are within the guidelines of the

Brow Lamination Contraindications list. This is how we determine whether or not a potential client is a candidate for this service.  Once this is done, we will be happy to get you scheduled!

Why Consider Brow Lamination?

Do you love a well- styled, shockingly- bold brow, but at the same time prefer a fresh, minimal makeup look?  If so, the Brow Lamination service may be perfect for you! 

With Brow Lamination, even naturally coarse, unruly brow hairs become more sleek and easy to style for the pin- straight, fluffy look that is so hot!

  Brow Lamination is for daring clients with full brows who desire a sexy, "controlled chaos" look.

An innate yet highly stylized look, if you will

What is Brow Lamination?

The Brow Lamination service is basically a "straight- perm" for the brow hair.   

Applied to the client's naturally full brows, special lotions (specifically formulated for safe use on the face) influence the structure of the hairs, making each one more flat, supple, and easily manipulated. 

After the processing steps are completed, brows are shaped and then tinted (per client preference) to help camouflage gaps and add depth.  Finally, a nourishing, leave- on conditioner is applied to the brows, directing and lightly setting the hairs upward. 

As a result of the Brow Lamination process, the client is able to easily style their brows at home by brushing the hairs in a straight upward and outward direction and setting with styling gel.  This creates the look of dramatic, exaggerated volume. 

First- time Brow Lamination service includes the take- home aftercare product Elleeplex Hyaluronic Boost Serum, which is used to help maintain proper hydration and condition of the brow hairs, as well as aid in styling. 

Subsequent Brow Lamination services may be purchased without the Elleeplex HBS aftercare product.  Additional Elleeplex HBS aftercare product may be purchased by clients as needed at any time, in studio. 

Regular use of the Elleeplex HBS by Brow Lamination clients is strongly recommended

Is the Service Painful?

No.  The service is comfortable and relaxing enough that clients may fall asleep


How Long Does the Service Take?

Total time of the appointment is typically up to 60 minutes

How Long Will the Result Last?

Brow hairs typically retain the "laminated" effect for 30 - 90 days, depending on how long an individual’s natural brow hair growth cycle takes.  To explain:

our brow hairs are continuously going through a 3-stage growth cycle:

  1.   anagen- growing

  2.   catagen-transitioning

  3.   telogen- resting/ shedding 

Each of these stages lasts up to several weeks.  Whatever length of time it takes for your brow hairs to go through their cycle is how long your lamination will last.  You will enjoy the darkening effect of the tint for up to a few weeks as well, but tint does not last as long as the lamination

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