• Avoid heat on lashes, especially steam (careful if cooking) for 24- 48 hours

  • Keep dry for 24- 48 hrs. Face away from water while showering, use a washcloth when cleansing face


  • No false lashes and no products on or around the eye area for 24- 48 hrs. This includes, but is not limited to, makeup remover, mascara, and eye cream.  The Elleeplex deep conditioning lash treatment product is the only exception to this rule 


  • No false lashes for 48 hours


  • Do not sleep on your lashes for 24- 48 hrs. Use pillows to prop yourself if needed


  • After 24 - 48 hours have passed, please continue to avoid any oil-based products on lashes. Oil based products will cause the lashes to lose curl and drop prematurely


  • Sleeping on your lashes AFTER the first 24- 48 hours can misshape them temporarily, but not permanently. Just wet them and comb upward


  • The less you touch your newly lifted lashes, the longer the curl will last


  • Protect your investment. With proper care, lashes should last 6- 12 weeks depending on your individual hair growth cycle


  • Although this service is highly addictive, you must allow at least 6 weeks to pass between treatments 

*Available for purchase in studio, ElleeplexTM is a lash treatment product designed to restore proteins and increase moisture levels in the lashes after a Lash Lift.  ElleeplexTM was created by EllebannaTM, the same company that produces the Lash Lift system, so it truly goes hand in hand with the Lash Lift service to help clients enjoy the most beautiful, longest lasting results.  Just as processed hair needs to be nourished with deep conditioners, lifted lashes benefit from the restorative formula of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and natural oils found in ElleeplexTM.  Using ElleeplexTM can also help prolong the effects of the lash tinting