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In general :

  • Read the list of Lip Micropigmentation Contraindications and be within the guidelines

  • If client has ever had a cold sore/ fever blister, no matter how long ago, they must begin a prescription medication (e.g. Valtrex, Acyclovir) at least 3 days prior to service and continue until prescription is finished (at least 5 days post service). If this is not done, there is 90% certainty that the Lip Micropigmentation service WILL cause an outbreak of cold sores in clients who are prone to them. An outbreak WILL result in pigment loss and will ruin the result of the service.  Following this instruction is crucial and is solely the responsibility of the client

  • Do not tan or have intense sun exposure on the face prior to appointment. Client will be rescheduled if face is too suntanned

  • If lip filler is done, it must be done no less than 4 weeks before, or 4 weeks after Lip Micropigmentation


4 weeks prior to service:

  • Discontinue all intense facial treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and lasers

2 weeks prior to service:

  • Discontinue use of medical grade Vitamin A/ Retinol skin care products

5 days prior to service:

  • Stop taking Ibuprofen or any product containing Aspirin (Tylenol is Ok),  Niacin,  Omega3 (fish oil),  and any antioxidant vitamins such as  A, C, and E.  THESE CAUSE BLEEDING.  IF EXCESSIVE BLEEDING OCCURS, PROCEDURE WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL. SERVICE WILL STOP 

  • Exfoliate lips daily with a facial cloth using gentle, circular motions 

  • Hydrate lips daily with a moisturizing balm or VaselineR

24-48 hours before service:

  • Consume alcohol only in moderation


Though the client's complete satisfaction is our goal, there can be no guarantees with this type of service. Variables not limited to skin type, unknown or undisclosed disorders, medications, lifestyle, and poor aftercare can all affect results

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