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The following is a list of every topical product used during a specified procedure. Each individual product’s ingredients list is also presented here. This information is to help the client easily identify possible allergens or irritants. Allergic reactions to these procedures are extremely rare, but this list has been compiled to help answer questions a client may have about the products that are used and their ingredients.




  • Gloves: nitrile


  • Antiseptic: 91% isopropyl alcohol


  • Wax Pencil (disposable): non toxic, hardened paraffin


  • ZensaTM topical anesthetic: Active: 5% lidocaine/ Inactive: benzyl alcohol, Carbopol, lecithin, propylene glycol, vitamin E acetate, purified water


  • TagadermTM barrier film: adhesive / tape


  • Brow Mapping Rulers: adhesive/ tape


  • SoftapTM Hypoallergenic Micropigmentation Pigments: inert iron oxides, inert chromium oxides, inert titanium dioxide, glycerin, carmine


  • Needles/ Blades: single- use, medical grade stainless steel; each is individually packaged and stamped with both a traceable Lot # and EO sterility expiration date


  • TAG# 45TM topical anesthetic: Active: 4% lidocaine, .4 mg epinephrine/ Inactive: chlorobutanol, methylcellulose, sodium bisulfite, sodium EDTA


  • IntenzeTM Mixing Medium: glycerine, hamamelis, virginiana extract


  • Retain by KolorsourceTM aftercare ointment: olive, aloe vera, shea butter, comphrey, plantain, calendula mutana, vitamin E, beeswax, mugwort, hempseed


  • Skin Candy by Phi AcademyTM aftercare ointment: caprylic/ capric triglycerides, lanolin, cera alba, calendula officinalis flower extract, coconut oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil


  • VaselineR : 100% petroleum jelly 

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